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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

wtf...why? no, for real....why?

This is what she did to Nina's arm the night before they left for camp.

i know what your logical, rational minds are thinking right now...."omg! now nina's stealing too!!!!!"
no, friends....she's not. she got that because she wasn't cleaning her room fast enough for her mothers liking.
she got whipped with a belt on her upper arms like a fucking slave in the deep south because she wasn't cleaning fast enough.
this is what it looked like in the morning, hours before she left for camp:
Personally, I'm amazed dcfs wasn't waiting for us when we got home.
That's why i ask "why?"
Why not just spank her on the bottom-where spanking belongs. Why beat her and leave marks in the most visible place possible-you want to be caught? you want to be investigated by dcfs for the THIRD TIME?
Maybe she thought we wouldn't send her. She tried very, very hard to sabatoge the trip. She said she would provide clothing-what she sent did not fit, was inappropriate for camping and playing, and was actually dirty laundry. Not just that it didn't smell fresh-or that it was stained-it had food crusted on to it-the kind of crust where-had it been hit with water-it would not be there. Not to mention-most of it was clothes I bought them and they wore over there-and I hadn't seen in months and months.
Then the bathing suits. The camp only allows one-piece bathing suits. I only have two piece bathing suits for them. She says they have one-piece bathing suits over there. ok. please send them. since they haven't worn them in a year-they need to try them on, of course and make sure they still fit. i ask that she let me know immediately if they don't fit so i can go get them suits that fit(even tho-i'm not working-and i really can't afford it-but they need them-so i gotta do what i gotta do)friday night they come with the bathing suits-i say-oh good, they still fit. they tell me they don't know if they still fit. their mother told them NOT to try them on and if they don't fit-"oh well."
sorry. it's been a couple days....but the whole way that went down still gets me heated.
They also have THREE SWEATERS A PIECE that i bought them for over here. All of them are over at her fucking sty cuz they wear them to  school on  monday and never bring em back.
And lace-up gym shoes I bought them for school. Also over there-because she likes to send them in dollar store flip-flops.
I want to send a sweater with them in case it is rainy or cold-as it HAS been up in wisconsin the past couple days. I also want to send them in lace-up gym shoes-because how are you supposed to run around and play or go on hikes in the woods with flip-flops......SHE REFUSES TO LET US COME GET THESE THINGS.

She tried every way possible to stop them from going on this trip. And I hate her for that. And while I think she is truly an idiot-I don't out it past her to fucking beat on her daughter in the most visible place possible just to try and stop her from going.

My poor nina. But everything worked out. I will never let her win. And I'll do everything in my power to make sure she can't take away any more of their childhood than she already has.

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Erica said...

Who the fuck beats on their kid like that? I know a mother who does the same shit to her daughter... and there is nothing I can do. I tried to take care of her while I saw her, but it was like once every 6 months...