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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I still don't have power. I had to drive 30 minutes outta my way last night cuz every viaduct from kedzie to damen was flooded. There was no going further north than fulton. Trying to go east was a damn ordeal too.... the viaducts parallel to western were flooded too. I watched people more impatient than myself try and drive through the water.....only to become stuck with water up to their windshields. And have to climb out of their windows to escape the murky mess. People tried clearing the water by driving down the sidewalks only to hopelessly damadge their cars when the clearance became too narrow. Not to mention it was still raining. And pitch black because there was no power. I finally made it past both viaducts only to come to an entire street that was terribly flooded. Evntually, I made it find my street, and the alleys blocked with fallen trees and debris. I parked where I could and walked the rest of the way. There were FOUR huge trees on my street alone. Peoples cars were trashed. A lightpole on my street was literally broken in two. My power has been off all night. I get no cell signal inside my house. The trees on my street are still!

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