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Monday, September 29, 2008

And MY step brats say they hate me when I take their cell phones......

“Wicked Stepmother” Given a Sorry Sentence

What’s the going rate these days for forcing your stepkids to gorge, and then digest their own puke? Two to six years, according to the state of West Virginia. Venus Critchfield was sentenced today for abuse that occurred in 2001 and 2002, but that allegedly dates back to 1997. Critchfield’s husband, Jennings Brian Critchfield, is already serving up to 15 years on abuse charges. Besides the vomit allegations, Critchfield was also cited for beating her stepchildren’s feet with boards and dangling them from ropes and hooks.

Is it just me, or does this sentence seem rather light for such abominable treatment? Given the way Judge Alan D. Moats verbally tore her apart, I’m sure he was just sentencing within the guidelines. But, still. This woman shouldn’t see the light of day for at least five years. Minimum.

Stepmother Admits Sending Hate Email to Stepdaughter

“You’re disgusting, everybody at school hates you.” Sounds like the typical ugliness you’d read in a note written by a middle-schooler, or on Bill O’Reilly’s Web site, huh? But no! The Jerusalem 10-year-old who received such messages has her own newly-minted stepmother to thank for this vitriol. Stepmommy Dearest also admitted to trying to slip a physical note to her new daughter through another girl at school; the girl, apparently realizing that the mother was a few tire skids short of Susan Smith, refused.

Any bets on how long this marriage will last?
Dad and Stepmother Charged with Beating Child to within Inches of Life

A hot tipper sent along a story about two parents who make Brandon Alan Austill, the dad who cattle-prodded his own baby, look like a canonized saint. Terry and Chandy Indula’s 3-year-old daughter is close to death after being tortured by the dad and stepmom for months on end. Authorities in Modesto, California say that there wasn’t an inch of the girl not covered in blisters, and that her body temp when they found her was 79 degrees. The last official word is that the girl may survive, but with permanent brain damage.

The Indulas - he a real estate broker, she a stay-at-home abuser er, “mother” - have admitted to the abuse. Their other kids have been taken into state custody; some of them show signs of abuse as well.

It’s sickening to think that people like this can be living in your neighborhood, yet neither you nor anyone else ever catch on that behind those four walls lies a torture pit. Such so-called parents spend more time hiding their crimes from the community than caring for their kids. Look at that cold, dead look in Chandy Indula’s eyes. Did these people ever care for their kids? Were they halfway-decent parents who, one day, just snapped? Doubt it. There was undoubtedly some bizarre strain of “abuser attraction” that brought these two together. They better pray that their little girl lives. Not for her sake, of course; these creatures are probably incapable of such selfless emotion. No, they better pray for some medical miracles if they don’t want their asses to have a date with California’s electric chair.


Morocco said...


Thanks for stopping by! How old are your stepkids? Have you been a stepmom for very long?


Anonymous said...

I found your blog via my friend Morocco's blog. Doesn't it feel so good to vent?! You've got lots of support here! - Stacy