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Thursday, March 13, 2008


have you freaking heard the studio cut of fob and john mayer doing a cover of mj’s "beat it"?
holy shit.
patrick has GOT to be one of the most talent musicians of our time. the boy can play the hell outta a wooden spoon-it doesn’t matter wtf it is he can play it.
and he can FUCKING SANG! (yes-i said "sang"-w00t)
if "infinity on high" didn’t prove it to you this will. listen to him FUCKING WAIL at about 3:14 into the song. omg. and john mayer is working the hell outta the guitar-i gotta tell you-i’ve listened to it like 50 times and i still get goosebumps when starts with that solo. damn.
so---for your listening pleasure:

tell your ears i said "you’re welcome"

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