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Sunday, March 30, 2008

bm drama continues

Well....the saga continues. Since wednesday le heifer has had the twins call practically everyday asking v for his "answer". But she won't ask herself. She's too busy trying to pretend it doesn't matter to her. But this is hardly is a bother to me or van. This actually a total PERK! B/C normally we can never get her to answer or return our calls when we call to say hi cuz we miss our babies-but now she's having THEM call US! And like, on friday they called van and told him to "write down his answer on a piece of paper" (yeah-i'm totally sure they came up with that one on their own, mmmmm-hmmmm) he just steered the conversation to their assembly that morning that I went to(yes-even after working all night I was there-and the cow had the day off yet was not in attendance)and each time they call they ask about his answer and we just talk about them and how they are and what they're doing. So while I do wish she'd quit fucking with them and pushing them to try and fix what she fucked up-it's so great to hear from my little luv-a-bulls so often!

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