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Saturday, January 19, 2008

o-she just bein ashley : )~~~~

so....hmmm, feeling like a complete dork right about now b/c i LOVE Miley Cyrus' song "See You Again"
Yes. I am listening (and enjoying) Miley Cyrus right now.
you may be asking "who???" if you don't have any girls in the 7-13 age range in your immediate family.
ringing any bells now?
and i don't just like it- i like it alot. so much, in fact, that Miley Cyrus has me chanting a phrase I don't think anyone else could have gotten me to say ever, under any circumstances.

"my best friend leslie said...."

yep. it's part of the damn song that i can't get outta my head. i can't stop singing it.

it's that surrious.

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