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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Please Help

Vote Now!!

My friends, please go  to where you can vote on question to be asked during the Jan 31 debate. Among the thousands of other questions-there is one about Father's Rights and the preservation of the American Family. My family's battle against the biased Family Court system recently ended in our favor and I'm absolutely delighted, however I cannot just quit Father Advocacy after all I've learned throughout our long, hard journey.
Fathers and Mothers and children of divorce need to be heard in this country, and when they say-I still want to see BOTH of my parents the judge needs to LISTEN and not stick to "four days a month and two weeks in the summer" standardized BULLSHIT.

The question reads as follows:
"Fatherlessness is a huge issue in our country. It results in higher rates of teen violence, higher rates of drug and alcohol use, higher rates of suicide and higher health care utilization. If you become President would you work to change this by supporting a Family Rights act that has at its premise a Presumption of Equal Shared Parenting for fit parents in the event of separation and divorce? Do you believe that kids benefit from equal time with both their mom and their dad?"

Click the link to :"Vote for this question" And we have a chance to actually hears how the candidates feel about fathers' involvement in the life of their children.

If you're having trouble finding the question, sort the questions by "Topics", then go to page 103-under the topic social issues and scroll down until you get to it.

Vote Now!!

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