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Monday, December 31, 2007


Happy oh-eight, everyone. I don't have some long weepy, or feel-good blog to throw at you this new years day. My head hurts too much, lol.
 But I have to say, last night was the BEST New Years Eve, EVER! I cannot imagine anything making the night more fun, or special, or wonderful. My baby girls and my little boy were beauties. My brother and sister came, my brother and I actually made up. Then the fuckers ate all my shrimp, and blamed it on Ambers boyfriend. I was so happy Jennifer made it over in time for the ball drop, even though she works at 6am this morning-she rang in the New Year with me. You know what that means, J? You're stuck with my ass for ANOTHER year bitch! w00t! lmao.
But seriously, there were absolutely magical moments last night and it was amazing, and I'll never foget it-and I'm taking it as a sign my 2008 is going to be just as amazing.
Ugh-I'm hungover. But I'm happy. I'm smiling. In 3 hours, half of the children will be whisked away, and it will be a little quieter. Wishing everybody PEACE, LOVE, AND PROSPERITY in the New Year! And don't forget to vote 4 Obama!

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