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Thursday, December 20, 2007

the little boy

me: little boy
boy: blagerggg
me:hi little boy
boy:pobt pobt pobt
me:i love you little boy
boy: ....
me:say i love you mommy
boy: ba ba ba ba ba ba
me: say I    LOVE    YOU    MOMMY
boy: daaaaaaaaaaa?
me: say mommy you are the most prettiest mommy ever
boy: wuuudjuuuu oooooOOOOOOO
me: why thank you little boy this is a new top. whats that?
boy: blether
me:AWWW! thank you little boy! i think it goes well with my coloring too! you're so observant.
me:i know you like my shirt little boy but please stop eating it.
me:i love you little boy

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