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Saturday, December 1, 2007


Just finished watching Spider Man 3, yeah, I know, I'm late, stfu. HOWEVER, I have a few things to say
first Topher Grace should have gotten wayyyyyyyyy more screen time. Call me biased but I think he should have been spider man in the first place. I hate Jake Gyllenhal AND Tobey Maguire-i think they are clones from the same sheep, I don't think they are cute, sexy, hot in any way. They're gross, ugly, women trapped in mens bodies and they shouldn't even be extras in movies, much less stars.
Second, the guy who played Harry is effin HAWT. I don't even know his name and I know he's been in the past two movies but I wasw too appalled by Tobey to even see past him till now-that guy whoever he is is GORGEOUS! He has a smile like a sunrise-you just stop and go "ooooooooh" So hot. mmmmmm-mmmm good.
Thirdly- I am pretty upset by the eye color enhancement done in this flick. The colors, the greens and the blues, are beautiful....but what about the rest of us with the DOMINANT trait of brown eyes? I'm kinda hurt. Not for myself, I'm secure enough within myself not to care. But if she got nothing else from me, my daughter got me eyes. Thickest, darkest lashes surrounding eyes the color of coca-cola. Able to articulately emote almost any emotion within human capacity without spoken word. And they are absolutely beautiful. However, they are not green or blue, or even hazel and everyone in this movies eyes are. Not only are they NOT an "ordinary" brown but they are lit up from behind with CGI. Why are they so special? Why are recessive traits so celebrated? Sickle cell is recessive-I don't see that highlighted in any movie. I just don't want her growing up and thinking she is somehow less and just "plain" because her eyes are brown. I saw enough of it growing up, and I never bought into it, the stupid colored contacts. It's one thing to change your look to be different-it's another when you think you have to because everyone else is and you think you have to fit in. You don't need green or blue eyes to be beautiful. And I hate it when they are referred to as "colored" eyes. I hear it often enough with my son. My eyes are "colored" too. Their color is BROWN and not a damn thing is wrong with that.
My sons eyes are beautiful.
But so are my daughters.
Blue or brown-beauty is NOT a color.
that actually seems a little racist to me.
particularly since there were not black, hispanic, or asian leads in any of the spidey movies.
and of course that lovely shot of spidey in front of the american flag jumps to mind now.
i'm brown than a mofo'-but I could not BE more american.
I said my pledge of allegian to our flag every day, kept my brown eyes locked right on it.......
but i'm getting in to territory where one should not be when slightly buzzed and sleepy at 5 am saturday morning.
just know this- i RARELY use the word RACIST. I am a biracial baby. My babies areMULTIracial babies. I'm black and I'm irish/greman. I grew up knowing and loving the culture from both sides of my family. I'm brown and people assume I'm hispanic no matter how many times I clarify the situation. I've been at my job for almost a year and people still asked whether I cooked turkey or pernil for Thanksgiving. I don't get offended. I laugh it off.
just know it takes quite a bit for me to bring up race as an issue. thats it.
and if this is the last spider man movie....well....i'm glad.

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