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Monday, December 10, 2007

tis the seaon

Happy Holidays and all that fun crap.
Christmas is shaping up rather well over here on the Thompkins front. Van is excersing major handy man skills all over the house. His mad "fabrication" skills from work have really carried over to home. He's a building machine! (and i'm helping! i totally rocked the hallway with an EXTRA fresh coat of paint!)

We missed our first christams party last friday. I'm so mad. I took off from work and everything and then all day I couldn't sleep. Damnned day-insomnia. or "shift-work sleep disorder" as it's technically known. I was up ALLLLLL freakin DAY! I tried my bestest to sleep. I finally nodded off at 4pm and when v walked thru the door at 530 talking about "lets go" I just broke down in tears. I'm not doing this midnight junk much longer. I'm gonna hang around to see how the swiss log robot works and to formulate my verdict on the great "omnicell" vs "pyxis" debate and i'm done. Get me a nice evening shift. Ahhhhh. yeaaaaaaaaaas.
my sister came over on friday anyway-even tho we didn't go nowhere. she had stuff for the kiddies, her "moochers" as she calls them. We had some good laughs about the crazy heifers at KP that are dumb enough to try and get stupid with her.
My sister will stomp a bitch, without hesistation. And the only person she's scared of is ME-so what does that tell you????
when i FINALLY got sleep friday night, I guess the girls were poking around under the tree, inventorying presents. During they're careful catalouging they came to a startling discovery-"DADDY! MOMMY DOESN'T HAVE ANY PRESENTS!" He was only half listening and nodded ok. But when I woke up saturday morning there were a bunch of tiny gifts for me, wrapped in lined notebook papper. "to mommy. don't open till xmas. xoxo."
thats it man. little shit like that is was i kill myself the whole year long for. i bust my ass at work and at home. i go places, i do things, that I, as a selfish 22 year old girl don't really want to go or do. But i do. Cuz I have to. Cuz I'm not a 22 year old girl. I'm a grown ass woman. And before and above all else I am a MOTHER. And moments like those, knowing your kids realized that you didn't have any presents so they wrapped up little stuff they found in the only paper they had available for wrapping without any outside encouragement or influence just BECAUSE THEY EFFING CARE ABOUT YOU AND WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY makes every unbearable, exhausted, painful, irritated, uncomfortable minute of your life....seem.....a little sweet. And o-so worth it.And it makes you proud-cuz you're obviously doing something right.
and on that happy, contented note.....i'll end this latest bloggin.
love you all-and your welfare is in our prayers.

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