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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My personal Chakra Reading

Ash, you are radiating positive energy from your:

Fifth Chakra

This is the chakra located at the top of your throat. The fifth chakra represents honesty and truth. In your case, this chakra appears to be clear and unblocked so that positive energy can flow from it freely. Radiating positive energy from your fifth chakra indicates that you've cultivated higher wisdom concerning the important life lessons associated with this energy center. You're apt to feel a more burning need than others do to speak the truth, treat people with respect, and act with integrity. Possessing strong fifth chakra energy also suggests that you're not one to fight your life's natural path. Instead, you seem to align your will with divine will.

More than many others, you really are able to go with the flow. Perhaps this is because you sense that your life is connected to something greater. Such a belief can help you accept situations that don't go your way. It gives you the ability to remember that life has meaning in store for each of us, regardless of how things appear to be going at any given moment. Your willingness to let your life unfold and to stay anchored to what's true likely gives confidence and inspiration to those around you each day. Such positive energy is admirable.

At the same time this positive energy is being conveyed, you are showing signs of an energy disruption in your Fourth Chakra. This blockage could be due to emotional abuse or a high level of difficulty you experienced during childhood. When a person is hurt as a child, it's easy to see who the perpetrator is and who is the victim. However, identifying hurts doesn't always make them go away. It can sometimes be difficult to let go of past injustices without getting angry or feeling that life has dealt you a bad hand. But more importantly, in some cases such trauma can actually set you up for further negative experiences. Such a pattern is known as retraumatization.

Retraumatization occurs when individuals who have been emotionally hurt lose the ability to protect themselves from future harm. In some cases, people fail to build up the boundaries necessary to keep those who would hurt them out of their lives. In others, they may simply never fully heal, so that future problems become more painful. Whatever the case in your own life, taking steps to grieve and move on from past pains, as well as learning to protect yourself from new ones, can help you clear your fourth chakra to feel greater love and openness in your life.


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Your chakras reading

Your seven chakras

The seven bodies

Balancing your chakras

History behind the test

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Your seven chakras

The picture below depicts where each of the seven chakras is located in the human body. Note that some people believe the body has more than seven chakras. However, generally speaking, most believe in the seven energy centers illustrated here.


7th chakra [ level 6.2 ]

6th chakra [ level 4.6 ]

5th chakra [ level 7.3 ]

4th chakra [ level 1.8 ]

3rd chakra [ level 3.4 ]

2nd chakra [ level 3.4 ]

1st chakra [ level 4.2 ]


The First Chakra ..>

First Chakra

[ level 4.2 ]
The first chakra or root or base chakra is located at the base of the spine. This is a source of great energy and is the first of the seven chakras in terms of where it is located on your body. Here it is depicted in the body:

Your first chakra is associated with your connection to a tribal force and your sense of belonging in the world. It symbolizes the physical plane of existence — both the earth and your physical body. This being true, it's not surprising that the first chakra is known to be the source of self-preservation and survival. When this first chakra energy is disrupted, you may be more liable to feel alone in the world, be afraid for your safety, and feel disconnected from other people. You're also likely to feel ungrounded, lacking a strong connection to the earth or your body. Energetically, when the first chakra is disrupted you can feel you have no real "roots."

Your first chakra is a level 4.2 out of 10. This means that right now you seem to feel a certain pressure related to the struggle to survive, yet you're not entirely driven by this concern. On the contrary, you're likely able to put issues surrounding your safety and security in perspective most of the time. However, it still appears that the energy in this first chakra is having a negative impact on you at times. This is an area you may want to work on.


These are some common themes associated with problems in the first chakra:

Believing that you're holding onto life by a string, like your life is about to fall apart

Feeling that you are in a powerless position

Working diligently to ensure you do not lose shelter, money, or safety

Extreme blame or lack of identification with your family of origin

Fear that you will be rejected and completely alone

Eating for comfort and to ground the body

Disruption in this chakra is also sometimes associated with separation from the mother at birth.

In its ideal state, the first chakra brings health, prosperity, feelings of security, and a vivacious attitude toward life. However, when energy is blocked, it may result in any number of illnesses. Blocked energy in the first chakra is most often associated with problems in the:



Female or male reproductive system


Possible psychological problems associated with disruption in this chakra include:

Identity problems

Dissociative disorders

Dependent personality disorder

The Second Chakra ..>

Second Chakra

[ level 3.4 ]
The second chakra is associated with the element of water. It is often called the sexual chakra, because sexual energy is believed to originate there. But the second chakra is much more than simply a sex chakra; it is the seat of creativity. This chakra is located at the sacrum, which is the densest bone in the spinal column. Here it is depicted visually:

When the second chakra is closed or blocked, it can make the entire person appear lifeless. A blocked second chakra can cut you off from your emotions, and you may feel removed from an interest in sexuality. On the other hand, if your second chakra is excessively open, emotions can sometimes rule your being, creating an unbalanced system overall.

Your second chakra is a level 3.4 out of 10. This means that at present, you may have minor struggles with envy and greed, but generally you aren't governed by these issues. For the most part, your second chakra energy is balanced and flowing. However, at certain moments, you may feel challenges associated with this area flare up, becoming disruptive to your energetic system. This is something you can address and improve.


Some common themes associated with problems in the second chakra are:

Difficulty being a "good loser"

Threatened by dependency on others

Envy and greed dominate thinking

Feelings of entitlement that don't necessarily correspond with actual deserved rewards

Difficulty regulating emotions — either having no access to them or feeling overwhelmed by them

Taking on exaggerated male or female roles

Fear of poverty

In its ideal state, the second chakra brings a sense of fluidity, a depth of satisfaction and feeling, sexual fulfillment, and the ability to go with the flow of life. Blocked energy in the second chakra is often associated with problems in the:


Lower back



Prostate gland

It is also associated with:








Premenstrual syndrome

Sexually transmitted diseases

Menstrual problems


Vaginal infections

Ovarian cysts


Slipped disks

Bladder infections

Possible psychological problems associated with disruptions in this chakra include:


Sexual difficulties

Borderline, narcissistic, antisocial, or histrionic personality disorders

The Third Chakra ..>

Third Chakra

[ level 3.4 ]
The third chakra is associated with the element of fire. Appropriately, it is located at the solar plexus in the sternum. Here it is depicted in the body:

The third chakra is associated with personal power. People who are empowered have high positive energy emanating from their third chakras. Knowing that you can move things forward in your life to order to learn, grow, and live well is closely related to having a clear third chakra. Individual charisma is also generated in this energetic region. Conversely, people who don't trust their own perceptions or feel confident in their own decisions may experience disruptions in this chakra.

When the third chakra is closed or blocked, it can lead to a lack of energy, fatigue, and a yearning to be quiet and shut down. During times when this chakra is blocked, confrontations with others can be very hard to initiate or even tolerate. Blockage can also lead to problems building and sustaining interpersonal relationships based on equality.

Your third chakra is a level 3.4 out of 10. This means that at this point you have access to some of your personal power, but more of it still remains untapped. Examining issues related to your third chakra could help you gain an even greater connection to this energy center.

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Here are some common themes associated with problems in the third chakra:

Inability to stand up for yourself

Low self-esteem

Feeling unable to make necessary life changes or to get unstuck if in a life rut

Feeling easily overwhelmed by real or perceived obstacles in life

Being overly self-critical

Being highly sensitive to others' criticisms or rejection

Preferring to not make your own decisions

Having trouble receiving compliments

Difficulties building respectful relationships with others

Being easily intimidated

Feeling like a victim

Being resentful about having to take responsibility for others

In its ideal state, the third chakra generates a great deal of energy for meeting personal goals. It also encourages a balanced sense of self, deep self-acceptance, and self-respect. These positive feelings carry over to one's relationships with other people. Blocked energy in the third chakra has been associated with problems in the:

Adrenal glands



It is also associated with:

Digestive difficulties


Addictions, especially to stimulants


Eating disorders


Coordination problems

Multiple sclerosis


Premature aging


Pancreatic disorders




Possible psychological problems associated with disruptions in this chakra include:

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Uncontrollable or overwhelming anger

Bipolar disorder or more mild but still extreme highs and lows in mood


The Fourth Chakra ..>

Fourth Chakra

[ level 1.8 ]
The fourth chakra is associated with the element of air and is sometimes called the heart chakra. This is due both to its location near the heart and because of the emotions with which it is associated. Here it is depicted in the body:

The fourth chakra is associated with a gradual increasing of consciousness, as it sits between the lower three and upper three chakras. However, primarily, it is the center of unconditional love. When a person becomes disconnected from their heart and the emotions associated with this region, the fourth chakra becomes closed off. This often results in both low energy and shallow breathing. At times when you're feeling a fourth chakra blockage, you might even feel that it's difficult to breathe.

Emotionally, when this chakra is blocked, you're likely to feel wounded or victimized. Often this will be due to trying to work out past problems. People who have studied chakras liken this kind of chakra disruption to a hurt child inside of us, hashing out scenes over and over, trying to get closure on difficult events. If this kind of inner turmoil happens on an ongoing basis without relief, the overall effect can be a feeling of being stuck in the past. When the energy from the fourth chakra is disrupted, you may have trouble protecting yourself from emotional harm because you generally feel raw and emotionally vulnerable.

When the fourth chakra is open and energy is flowing positively, far different feelings result. For example, you are likely to feel open, loving, and compassionate to those around you and to be very accepting of people for who they are.

Your fourth chakra is a level 1.8 out of 10. This means that right now, your fourth chakra appears to be disrupted. As a result, you're likely to be plagued with feelings of anger about how events in your life have transpired or about what others have done to you. You also may be feeling fearful and emotionally unstable. Know that this time will pass, and that you can help yourself move to a better, more positive place by taking a look at the issues associated with your fourth chakra.


These are some common themes associated with problems in the fourth chakra:

Feeling stuck and wounded by events from the past

Being unable to forgive someone and holding on to the anger you have toward them

Fear of breaking down emotionally

Being too emotionally vulnerable

Feeling unloved or unworthy of love

Feeling shamed by being rejected

Being resentful of others for the love they receive

Extreme loneliness

Fear of showing affection

In its ideal state, the fourth chakra will radiate love and warmth. It will help also help you feel a strong, centered connection with yourself, so that you can reach out to others with compassion and a lack of judgment. This chakra also helps you to come to new levels of self-discovery. Disrupted energy in the fourth chakra has been tied to problems in the:



Upper back



It is also associated with:

Vascular difficulties

High blood pressure

Autoimmunity problems

Heart attacks

Enlarged heart

Blocked arteries




Poor circulation

Possible psychological problems associated with disruptions in this chakra include:

Self-destructive behaviors

Suicidal ideology or acts

Trouble emotionally connecting with others

Feeling alienated from others and in opposition to yourself

The Fifth Chakra ..>

Fifth Chakra

[ level 7.3 ]
The fifth chakra is associated with acts of communication, including speaking the truth or finding creative ways for self-expression. It is located at the base of the throat and is often called the throat chakra. Here is an illustration:

This chakra is associated with sound in general. The meaning of your own personal truth is central to this chakra. The more free-flowing the energy of this chakra, the more you are able to speak your truth without fearing the consequences — or at least without letting external forces stop you from doing it. When the throat chakra is too open, you may talk more than other people would like and may not listen closely enough.

On a different level, this chakra is also associated with personal will. When the chakra is very open, your will can be excessively strong; when it is closed, your will can seem nonexistent. However, at times when the fifth chakra is in balance, your will is aligned with divine will. During such periods, you're likely to feel that things are going your way, rather than having to fight against the current in order to reach your goals.

When your fifth chakra is disrupted, personal truths can become harder to express. You may even become afraid to speak your opinions or feel unsure about what you might say. Issues of the will can also come to the fore during these negative times. For example, you may feel that when things go wrong, others are entirely to blame and when things go right, it's solely your will that created the success. Such exaggerated and absolute thinking is often connected to disruptions in the fifth chakra.

Your fifth chakra is a level 7.3 out of 10. This means that at present, you're not one who is afraid to speak the truth. In fact, you appear to be well aligned with your true self, and you aren't hesitant to let the world see who you are. Self-expression and skilled communication likely come very naturally to you right now.


Some common themes associated with problems in the fifth chakra are:

Fear of public speaking

Fear of letting go

Feelings of inner rigidity

Fear of exposure

Dishonesty to cover the feared truth

Inability to say what you mean

In its ideal state, the fifth chakra gives you the energy and centering you need to speak the truth. It also helps you to make unique contributions to the world by unleashing creative, self-expressive energy. Blocked energy in the fifth chakra is sometimes associated with problems in the:


Lymphatic system

Mouth and teeth

Neck and shoulders



It is also associated with:

Hearing difficulties

Parathyroid complications

Thyroid problems

Sore throat

Jaw misalignment

Stiff neck

Tension headaches

Swollen glands

Possible psychological problems associated with disruptions in this chakra include:


Poor auditory memory

Inability to use words for adequate self-expression

Addiction to drugs

Cigarette smoking

Alcohol overuse

The Sixth Chakra ..>

Sixth Chakra

[ level 4.6 ]
The sixth chakra is associated both with light and with psychic abilities. This chakra provides a source of inner knowing, as well as an objective reflection of how things are. By being focused on a commitment to the truth and flexibility of thought, people with clear sixth chakras usually have a sense of life's realities that surpasses usual conscious barriers. For this reason, the sixth chakra is connected with higher levels of wisdom and a level disposition. It is located between the eyebrows. Here it is depicted in the body:

When this chakra is closed or blocked, you may have trouble seeing the big picture of events that are unfolding in your life. The truth of matters can be dwarfed in details, and you may become easily confused. At times like these, you can sometimes overlook the subtler forces in any situation because you're so busy giving attention to literal details. You may also find that you have a tendency to judge people and events pretty harshly.

Your sixth chakra is a level 4.6 out of 10. This means that at this point in time, you usually see the forest for the trees. However, you're still likely to have times when stress disrupts your energy and impedes your usually realistic perspective. You could gain more clarity during difficult times by taking some time to work on this chakra.


Here are some common themes associated with problems in the sixth chakra:

Trouble putting things into perspective

Lack of strategic thinking; inability to see the forest for the trees

Inability to pick up on intuitive or psychic information

Being highly focused on concrete, linear thinking

Confusion and clouded thinking

Fear of self-examination and the unknown

Emotional denial

Insecurity over others' skills

Being slow to learn from life experiences

It's also interesting to note that when someone's sixth chakra is too open, they can become so geared toward generalities and the big picture that they become unable to focus on a project's details to complete it. Also, a very open sixth chakra can lead to receiving too much psychic information so that one is overwhelmed by it.

In its ideal state, the sixth chakra brings you insight and helps you see both the big picture of a situation and its important details. By providing perspective, this chakra helps balance and prioritize the issues of your daily life. It can also provide access to psychic information. On the other hand, blocked energy in the sixth chakra is associated with problems in the:



Central nervous system






It is also associated with:


Cancer, especially brain tumors

Visual problems



Neurological disorders

Possible psychological problems associated with disruptions in this chakra include:

Extreme confusion

Inability to focus

Either lack of intelligence or access to it

Being hooked on fantasy


Poor visual memory



The Seventh Chakra ..>

Seventh Chakra

[ level 6.2 ]
The seventh chakra is associated with thought. It signifies our relationship to all things and the unity of everything. This chakra also symbolizes self-knowledge and spiritual consciousness. It is located at the crown of the head, but it is connected with the entire muscular system, the skeletal system, the skin, and nervous system. Here it is depicted in the body:

The seventh chakra is associated with a more profound spiritual connectedness than the other six chakras are. This chakra is the seat of higher wisdom and the energy that comes from it. The seventh chakra is thought to give access to the infinite intelligence that exists in the universe and is our key to opening the door to it. This chakra allows for self-expression on higher spiritual levels and is associated with the pineal gland, the gland that produces visions in dreams. When asking the question, "Who am I, really?" you are tapping into the energy of your seventh chakra.

When this chakra is closed or blocked, you can feel cut off from spirituality. At such times, your relationship with the divine becomes limited, and fears of the spiritual side of life can be magnified. Disruptions in your seventh chakra can also amount to the inability to gain closure on unfinished business. Such problems have the potential to end up as a real thorn in your side. Most of all, lack of flow in your seventh chakra leads to an inability to live in the present. People with blocked seventh chakra energy seem to always be either revisiting their past or looking ahead to the future.

Your seventh chakra is a level 6.2 out of 10. This means that by and large, you are able to live in the present, but you also have your share of spiritual questioning and self-doubt. By looking inside yourself and the issues below, you can seek out a better balance in your seventh chakra and your faith overall.


Some common themes associated with problems in the seventh chakra are:

Always focusing on the past or the future

Being continually unhappy with the present state of your life

Believing that life has no meaning

Feeling cut off from all things spiritual

Clinging to unfinished business from the past

Fearing true self-knowledge

In its ideal state, the seventh chakra brings a joy and a deep faith that everything happens for a reason. A person with pure, positive energy in their seventh chakra will feel harmony with everything and will be able to tap into the greater wisdom of the universe. Blocked energy in the seventh chakra has been associated with problems such as:

Brain tumors




Parkinson's disease

Pituitary problems

Possible psychological problems associated with disruptions in this chakra include:

Multiple personalities


Memory problems


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