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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

kinda warm in here

I've come to a conclusion.
Vin Diesel makes me want to have sex.
Seriously, like, "The Pacifier", could be like porn to me. (ewww-that sounds sick)
It's not just that he's hot. He's smokin hot but thats not it-cuz just looking at a picture of him doesn't get me all riled up. It's like the whole thing, the whole package. His sheer massiveness and his facial expressions and his voice thats so deep you can feel it in your bones. THAT TURNS ME ON! omg! It's just such a hot combo.
And it's not just when he's all Riddick'd up and fightin uglies.....cuz I just watched "Find Me Guilty" and he's this old mob guy and he's got thining hair and wrinkles and NO six pack whatsoever, he's got this cute little tummy and I was so totally aflame.................whew!
wow,wow,wowee, wowowowowow

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