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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ummm...Can you say

Background: Dwayne Allen Dail, who was pardoned after spending 18 years behind bars for a rape he didn't commit, was recently sued for back child support. Dail, 39, was cleared in August of the 1987 rape of a 12-year-old Goldsboro girl. The girl identified him as her attacker and hair found at the scene was similar to his. But DNA evidence found on a fragment of the girl's nightgown years after the trial proved Dail wasn't involved in the attack.

Dail will receive a chump change $360,000 from the state – $20,000 for each year he spent in prison. Upon his release he was served with a lawsuit by ex-girlfriend Lorraine Michaels, the mother of his son, who is seeking back child support. Dail said he was devastated by the suit, and that his son had recently moved to Florida to live with him.

Child Support Lawsuit Dropped Against Dwayne Dail

Goldsboro — A child support lawsuit for back child support against a Wayne County man who spent 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit has been dropped.

Dwayne Dail said the suit, filed in November by his former girlfriend Lorraine Michaels for back child support while he was in prison, was dismissed Friday.

But he said he could not comment on the deal but was happy the matter was resolved.

"I am very happy and relieved to have this black cloud removed from me and my son's bonding process," Dail said. "And I hope that there can begin some healing between me and Lori, too. This has been extremely difficult for everyone involved."

Michaels sued for a "reasonable sum" of a $360,000 compensatory payment Dail is due from the state for his wrongful imprisonment.

Earlier this month, a judge ruled Michaels should receive only a portion, if any, of the payment

Dail spent 18 years in prison for the rape of a 12-year-old girl. He was exonerated by DNA evidence in August.

He is expected to receive that by the end of January and said he plans to use it to buy a house for him and his son and enroll them both in college. Dail said he wants to pursue a career in criminal justice to help other innocent people in prison.

"I want to have that feeling of having helped someone who is desperately in need of help," he said.


What a coincidence that the bitch was suing for the EXACT amount that Dail was getting in his settlement against the state, eh? I can't believe this bullshit. He was in PRISON, thru no fault of his own. For something he didn't DO. for eighteen years. EIGHTEEN YEARS. And this greedy bitch wants to sue him. I'm apalled. Seriously.

And I am sure it was not easy. It's never easy to support a child on your own. I have the incredible burden of carrying the brunt of responsibilty for supporting our SIX person family on my shoulders-and it ain't easy. But to sue him-when it wasn't even his fault he wasn't there to support his kid. (HE WANTED TO BE! I BET IT WAS KILLING HIM THOSE 18 YEARS TO BE AWAY FROM HIS KID.) I think, especially in this day and age-with divorce rates and unmarried parent rates being what they are, everybody should enter in to the whole process of making a baby, knowing, in the back of their mind, that they may have to raise and SUPPORT this child on their own. I don't think women should feel entitled to receieve money from their "baby's daddy". I think if you love and want your child, you should be prepared to take care of them. Using ONLY your means. Period. I feel like some of you may be looking at me like I'm being pig-headed and only looking at this from one angle. I'm not. I know he scenario of lil tanisha from down the block and ray-ray from over there tells her he loves her, gets her pregnant, and then in her eighth month decides he doesn't want anything to do with her or the baby anymore, cuz he's got tata or whoever. But tanisha is being told by society to take his ass to court and drain him for all he's worth. why? why can't society and the government encourage her to go and work hard for herself and her baby, cuz thats all she's got. and if she doesn't want the financial burden of the baby-give him to somebody who does. don't drown the baby in the bathtub and throw him in the garbage(thats a totally different topic but whatever) I'm just saying. I come from nothing. I come from absolute mediocrity. We were poor my WHOLE life. Food stamps(real STAMPS not this bougie ass "link card"), gov'ment cheese, big ass cans of "processesed PORK product", houses with lead paint, rats, roaches, clothes that didn't fit, most of them with holes in them, neither of my parents went to college. None of my grandparents went to college. Most of my people, the stock that smarty-pants Ashley comes from, never even graduated HIGHSCHOOL. ok? So I come from mediocrity. I don't come from anything great or special or better than anyone else. I come from addictions, drug problems, chemical imbalances, abuse, psych institutions, I COME FROM THAT. And here I fucking am. Busting my ass. To support my family. Supporting my two kids AND somebody elses on top of it. Paying for my three bedroom, that I'll own in another 12 years, with NO LEAD PAINT and NOT A DAMN ROACH and the only rat here is our pet, Tupac. We have heat and lights and phone and internet in our own names. And I got here. I did this. Coming from where I'm from. And I'm not saying I didn't have help along the way. I did. I couldn't have done it without help. But the help didn't do it FOR ME. Couldn't have. It's impossible.

So don't tell me tanisha can't support her baby without taking 22% of ray-rays check. Don't tell me she doesn't have the means or the education to support herself and her child. And don't tell me that when the baby turns eighteen, she derserves some kind of big ass check to "reimburse" her for doing WHAT SHE WAS SUPPOSED to do. Raise her son, using her own means. Not other peoples. And not the states. Cuz i did it. I AM A HIGHSCHOOL DROPOUT. and I AM A TEENAGE MOTHER. And guess the fuck what else, my childrens father even went to jail on my ass-BUT NONE OF THAT HAS STOPPED ME FROM DOING WHAT I HAD TO DO. And i DO NOT think I am OWED anything from anybody.

Maybe it's a matter of pride. I refuse to let anybody do for me, what I can do myself. I simply refuse. Then I feel like I owe them something. Then I feel like I am less than. I feel like they're better than me. And nobody is better than me. I'm the best there fucking is.

Maybe everybody needs that pride. And how can you be proud of yourself when all you did to get the money to support your child was go downtown and say "this is the guy i slept with and this is where he works, go get him." is that really satisfying?

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